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Read before you start posting!

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1Read before you start posting! Empty Read before you start posting! Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:33 pm

Just Logan

Just Logan

Ok, I understand the site is a bit confusing, but this should clear a lot up!

Hazardous News:

You don't start topics in it, the admins do. You can reply in it though. You need to make sure you check out everything new in this section.
The Center Stage:
This is where Admins and Moderators post machinimas, or other media that we want to make sure you guys see.

This section is for contests, obviously...
If you have your own contest you want to hold for the forum, then PM a admin or moderator. They'll be glad to help you.

Problems with the site:
This is basically a suggestion/issues/question section. If you are havijng trouble with the website, feel free to post your problem in this section.

Welcome to the Site!:
In this section, you introduce yourself. That's all you do. Tell your name, and some of things you like to do. Also, anything else you want us to know about you.

General Chat:
Post things that are actually discussable.
(ex: What do you guys think about the new movie Watchmen?)

Machinima Cinema:
Here you post your machinima or other people machinima you found on YouTube. It could be a Machinima, montage, etc.. It doesn't have to be only halo either.

Casting Call:
This is basically a Help Wanted section. If you need actors, cameramen, etc.. post in here.
(ex: I Need Actors Tommorrow!)

Machinima Resources:
This section is attached to the section above. It's used for posting things that can be used in machinima. For example, I posted a green screen map. That's a resource. It opens possibility's for your machinima.

The Drawing Board:
This section is pretty straight forward. If you have any ideas for a machinima, or a Robot Chicken skit, then you would post it here. I made this because some people don't have capture cards. I hate that people's good ideas would go to waste because the lack of a capture card.

No Double posting:
[center]Its simple, just dont double post, if this happens BOTH of your posts are subject to deletion. So dont do it... or else...
Read before you start posting! Doublepostersjp8

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